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An open letter to 2023 ME!

Dear 2023 me,

I hope you have learnt to value yourself enough, and give your self an identity beyond your work. Hope you’ll love yourself first ; put yourself above the rest only then will you be able to love others 

I know that growing up, you only felt worthy when you achieved things, but life is not supposed to be a shelf of trophies, and I hope 2023 brings you closer to your inner self. And you achieve inner growth vs just accolades 

I hope you make more time for your kids & family you know that what they want the most is your undivided time and attention.

I hope you indulge in love more…express more ; pick a hobby you wanted to learn more — is it gonna be learning flute or brushing your dancing skills more ? 

I hope you make time to watch more sunrises & sunsets you promised to catch, but forgot for a whole year. You felt the most alive watching it remember ? 

I hope you make time to read – read alot. Its 12 months 12 book pledge let’s accomplish that 

I hope you still don’t give in to the advice of ” treat people the way they treat you” because once you begin you lose who you are, you like treating people with immense love and care, and I am proud that you don’t change that and simply walk away in the worst case.

But above all I hope you love yourself. I know 2020 taught all finally how to love yourself but last two years have undone that. I hope you make it.

With love

Your 2022 me