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What is the difference between being
Selfish & Self Love

So I thought of sharing it here with a simple example – tell me if it made sense !

So if you have 1 Roti/ chapati/ bread with you & you & your husband both are hungry !

Eating the whole roti alone is being * Selfish* 

Giving the whole roti to your husband is * Stupid oops Selfless 


Dividing the roti into half & keeping one half for yourself & giving the other half to your partner is * SELF – LOVE* 

Our mothers never exercised Self Love as that’s what they learnt from their mothers & they from their mothers !

You & I learnt the same from ours dint we ??

Do you remember your mom making a choice of restaurant ? Or a movie to go to ? Or what colour car will your family buy ?

Mine dint !!

I dint even know for a very long time what her favourite cuisine was ? Did you ?

Self -love is knowing what you like ; dislike & expressing it joyfully !!

Expecting everything to happen your way is being Selfish !

Expressing what you want ; prioritizing yourself is Self Love ! 

Say your husband comes late every day from work ; now you have to sleep early as you have early workout !

What will you do ? What is being Selfish ; Selfless or self-love in this case !!!